Let’s meet the board!!!!

President Markus Machers.

I was born in Germany but am American by heart for over 20 years. Proud dad of teenage daughter. A dog owner of an amazing blue heeler. A manifester (great conversation piece) and a believer in God (another good topic) I own a Jeep for a couple of years now together with my dirt bike. Very excited to be the president of moose 4×4 Wranglers 🤠

Vice President Keith Rowan

I have been a jeep owner for 1.5 years and love an adventure. I enjoy giving back to the community in different ways. This club is special to me because it allows people to see what we as a jeep community are all about and what we can do as a group. Like the Moose, Jeepers are an extended family and it is wonderful to bring the 2 together.

Secretary Shannon Rowan

I fulfilled my dream of becoming a Jeep owner 3 years ago. I grew up in California off-roading in the mountains and deserts and my love for adventure never stopped growing. I am a mom of 3 great kids, all in college. Now is my time to focus on bringing 2 of my passions together – Jeeping and social good. I can’t wait to see the impact that we are able to have on the local community.

Treasurer – Position currently open

Road Captain and Sergeant at Arms Chris Kostal & Beth Kostal

Chris works for the IBEW local 134. He and Beth have been married for over 18 years. Been Jeeping for over 4 years. Im very involved in the Jeep world and try to have fun with my fellow jeepers. Along with most of our fellow jeepers we like giving back to communities and helping when we can. Chris even made Mr February for a club calender that raised money for a battered woman’s shelter.

We try to be involved in as much as possible but work does get in the way sometimes 😂.

We’ll keep on Jeepin on 😎✌️🇺🇸

You can contact the board by emailing Moose4x4Wranglers@gmail.com


All events will be at the Batavia Moose Lodge, unless otherwise stated

  • June 25th – Swedish Days Parade
  • July 29th – Jeep/Vehicle Parts Flea Market

Monthly Meetings: 4th Thursday of the month @ 6:30pm
(M4x4W members only)


Moose 4×4 Wranglers Story
“Give more back than we receive”
Fall of 2022 the Batavia Moose Lodge approached a group of Jeeps®️ enthusiasts with the idea of starting a new activity group out of their lodge. The organization has a similar group for motorcyclists, and after a great event earlier in the year with us they thought “why not Jeeps®️ too???” We did some trial events, helping promote their Halloween Trunk-or-Treat and at Christmas (the lodge does a TON for the Mooseheart kids this time of year). The results of the events were amazing and the Batavia members saw the camaraderie that the Jeep community shows to one another that they have asked us to create an official Moose activity group. This is how Moose 4×4 Wranglers came to be.
The purpose of a Moose activity group is to be a social and civic activity group for members of the Moose. These groups focus is to support Mooseheart, Moosehaven, local charities and local branches of national worthy charities through volunteer work, all while enhancing the social aspect of the lodge. These groups are not obligated to raise funds for the upkeep or operations of the lodge unit, but are created to enhance the enjoyment of membership and promote volunteerism.
Activity groups are open to all current members of the Moose. As this is the only lodge with this activity group, we welcome members from all lodges to join in our group and activities. Owning a Jeeps®️ or 4×4 is not necessary, just an enthusiasm and love for our mission!
Non-Moose members may only participate in this group’s activities as a qualified guest of a member. An individual may only attend a maximum of 3 events as a qualified guest before needing to become a member of the Moose. Only current and in good-standing Moose members can be official members of the group until membership is obtained. If you are interested in finding out more about membership at the Moose Lodge, please connect with one of our board members.